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to promote subculture & individuality

to unite outcasts

to sale vintige/retro-and trade for pleasure

to be environmentally friendly

to discover & educate ourselves


Wistfulness; Longing; Reliving; Memory

The desire to return in thought in ones life; evocation of this emotion, as in a book, film, etc; idealistically, yearning for the past. It was first used to describe a medical condition a form of melancholy in early modern period, Romanticism. In 1770 it was used to describe the feelings of “severe homesickness”.

Reminiscence: “act or process of recalling past experiences, events, and etc”. The word came from the 1500’s as “act of remembering”.

Sentimental: Tender emotions expressed or appealing to sentiment; Attitude toward something: mental feeling; a thought influenced by or proceeding from feeling or emotion. Sentiment is much a term for sensitiveness to emotional feeling.

"Knowledge is power, the more we know the sooner we can live peacefully within ourselfs and with others." -Me


Kalops1a.Com Was Meant to be a thriving Community for Free & Lifelong Education Advocacy, Exploring Nostalgia, Haven For Environmental Activists, Peace Seekers, And Many Self Help Resources